Creative Lighting Systems announces rebrand

Sept. 20, 2023
The Hudson Valley Lighting Group subdivision will focus on conversational messaging and an updated website.

Creative Systems Lighting (CSL), a subdivision of Hudson valley Lighting Group (HVLG), has announced a rebranding effort, wherein they will revamp their brand aesthetic, logo, messaging, and website.  According to a September press release, CSL’s intention with the rebrand effort is to distinguish itself among recessed lighting competitors.

A large aspect of the rebranding will be the way in which technical information is presented. CSL will now be using a more conversational voice that they hope readers will find “warm and refreshing.” Lighting designers, architects, and homebuilders can expect to find this new voice combined with warm tones and simple iconography as they peruse CSL’s website and view the brand’s modern lighting solutions and product and lifestyle photography. 

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