Case Studies

Albert Vecerka/Esto
The Powel Science Leadership Academy Middle School (SLAMS) is located on the Drexel University campus in West Philadelphia.
Whole Project

Form follows function when lighting educational spaces

Lighting design priorities remain the same despite how schools and learning have evolved, as seen in this case study of Powel SLAMS, designed by Rogers Partners with lighting ...

Lighting a Masterwork

From its commanding view atop Fairmount on the Schuylkill River, the Philadelphia Museum of Art has been a symbol of the city’s cultural status and proud historical heritage ...

An Elegant Blend of Old and New

The $115 million restoration of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, in Baltimore, Md., painstakingly recreated the stunning interior of the original 1933 building, giving visitors ...

Fotografiska Museum

CHALLENGE: Illuminate the interior of the museum’s restaurant, Veronika, in a manner that complements the feel of the landmarked Renaissance Revival Church Missions House, but...

World Wonder Gets 21st Century Tech Upgrade

CHALLENGE: Upgrade the control system for Niagara Falls. INFLUENCE: Often referred to as a Wonder of the World, Niagara Falls is actually a collection of three individual waterfalls...

Music and Light Facilitate Better Int’l Entente

CHALLENGE: When Steinway & Sons, manufacturer of pianos since 1853, established its first Asia Pacific flagship store in Beijing, the company sought to create a music hall to...

Setting the Stage for Warmth and Wellness

CHALLENGE: Residents of Winter Park, Florida, need to see healthcare professionals, as well as exercise, swim, eat and socialize in an environment that promotes both safety and...