Pendants Archive


Petal-shaped LED light guides create a stylized lotus flower while also delivering 3,540 lumens with the Belterra chandelier. Its metal “stems” are available in a choice of polished nickel, aged brass or matte black finishes.


A performance-decorative suspended luminaire combining high light output with a geometric aesthetic, in the absence of visible hardware, VERNER is ideal for high ceiling applications, open areas or spaces where diminished focus on the ceiling is the aim.


Specifically crafted for open ceilings, the Peerless Venue family offers both visual comfort and architectural scale for space definition within the increasingly popular deconstructed ceiling. The sail-like curved forms evoke flow, while the graceful clouds provide...

Skydome Edge

The latest version of the Skydome Edge features a sleek, shallow knife-edge profile. The luminaire is available in 2-, 3- or 4-ft. diameters, lumen outputs for direct (2000-14000) and indirect (0-2500) distributions, custom finish options and 2700K-4000K color temperatures.


The MOONRING MultiSTAK is a striking three-dimensional luminaire with a clean, sleek, modern appearance. Its elegant design eliminates visual clutter and transforms the mounting hardware and cables into an integral, aesthetically pleasing component of the installation.

Two for One

Addressing lighting, sound management and interior architecture, Seem 1 Acoustic Trio by Focal Point, a unique Y-shaped pendant is thoughtfully designed to address high noise levels and reverberation issues as a stand-alone pendant...


Kuzco Lighting’s Magellan is a large-scale statement piece. Multiple aluminum shades clad a hollow core, housing LEDs to create an indirect, ambient glow. Available in a black exterior and white interior, the Magellan is available in 24-in. and 32-in. diameters...